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bank in the city launched a credit card

However, the bank financing to remind people during the Spring Festival the same time enjoy a credit card benefits, but also the rational use of funds, especially in the repayment time must be considered a good account, and pay attention to the security of the bank card. The public Mr. Jiang regarded as a smart card family, five cards carry him, can enjoy the discount of different banks in shopping, eating, watching movies. Set to a cheap hotel is almost impossible, but pay attention to the information of bank credit cards, the use of bank cards perhaps For example, he said, the meal, the restaurant specified credit card hit 8-fold to 10%; shopping, could touch The bank credit card 3 times the points or buy one get one free credit card can enjoy a $ 10 or $ 15 per month; watching movies, or even $ 1 super cheap tickets. "If you do science with the card, the credit card is much more cost-effective than direct cash However, Chuaizhuo so many cards really need optimistic about their own wallets." Mr. Jiang said. When many people think, years ago consumer or go out during the Spring Festival and launch times points "," Integral gift card lottery "and" Cards "and other activities, taking advantage of the bank, the credit card shopping may well be an astute move. Some select members of the public during the Spring Festival travel, if you want special fares purchased in the holiday period, you can make a discount. The Spring Festival holiday, major shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters, people flocked to burst out of the huge consumer enthusiasm. The bank has its sights on a public holiday consumer demand, not only play a temporary increase in credit card overdraft initiatives, but also introduced a variety of promotions to force. Reporter learned from the city center of a number of bank credit cards, credit card consumer demand for different groups of the Chinese New Year, the number of banks in the clothing, food, housing, line, entertainment provides a variety of incentives, consumers realize "hi brush. " For example, a state-owned bank in the city launched a credit card in February "Fun activities, round-trip from booking, shopping in Hong Kong, accommodation and other aspects of legislation by, coupon redemption and other concessions. There is also a the bank main supermarket consumer groups, when the cardholder to swipe their credit five in the number of supermarkets per week, each at least 128 yuan, you can enjoy the credit card gold 5% return. Bank of China, Dalian Shahekou Branch financial planner Leoni cautioned that, consumers "Hi brush while on holidays to rational planning of the use of funds, in order to avoid unnecessary costs. It is understood that the temporary limit of credit cards generally have a period of time, the banks, the current validity of the temporary credit line is different, ranging from 20 days to 3 months. In addition, the temporary limit does not enjoy the revolving credit consumers use temporary amount required repayment before time pay off, otherwise it will generate late fees and interest.